DY Open House

A recap on the DY Open House from our Executive Director, Linda Jean

The Chamber received an invitation to attend an open house at the DY High School.  As the Executive Director, I felt I had to go.  So reluctantly, I headed to school.  I haven’t been to high school in … let’s just say it has been more than many years!  What was I in for?  Touring the halls with lines of lockers? Bombarded by kids as they plow their way from class to class?  Loud and crowd was not my vision of the morning! I get there and sign in, get my name badge and was kindly instructed to wait for my escort.

Surprisingly, my wait was less than 20 seconds when I was greeted by two cheery seniors eager to start me on what I expected to be a torturous next two hours!

A small group of us are now gathered in the cafeteria surrounded by 16 school Ambassadors!  We were offered coffee and sweets while we were informed of the intent for the morning.  Off we go into the dreaded hallways!

My group was assigned to a team of five with Olivia taking charge! They were eager to share details of classrooms, academic offerings and opportunities available to them that, in my day were not even a concept.  The classroom placements by subject matter made lots of sense such as the language wing and the sciences hall.

Gym was gym when I went to school.  Today, students have the opportunity to select classes in the gym category that meet their interests, such as yoga, CPR training, or sport specific curriculum.  A class in robotics! Today’s world of technology is not lost in the selection of computer class venues available!

There were so many impressive pieces crammed into a short two hours!  I tried to absorb all the clubs available to the students.  So many!  I loved the mentorship program of seniors with underclassmen.

Over the last few years, the high school has absorbed local eighth graders.  When asked how the senior class felt about having a younger group of students, it was refreshing to hear all their positive aspects of the school population growth.

What was most impressive for the entire two hours is to watch this elite group of young adults, the DY Ambassadors share with us their love of DY Regional High School and its environment, their enthusiasm for the curriculum opportunities, nothing but praise for the teaching staff.

You ask, What is an Ambassador?  That’s another story, but in short, a friend and guide to the new students coming into the school, to help them adjust to the trauma of change! What a perfect group of students to put to the task!!

Not only did I survive my two hour tour, I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

Linda Jean, Executive Director